Creating Resiliency in the Qikiqtani Region

Creating Resiliency in the Qikiqtani Region

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Qikiqtani Inuit are experiencing the impacts of climate change that are accelerating and threatening the survival of our wildlife that we rely on for physical sustenance and cultural renewal.

The globally significant ecological services that the Arctic provides, storing carbon, cooling the planet, and influencing oceanic and atmospheric currents, are under pressure. As our ice disappears and the Northwest passage and Central Arctic Ocean becomes navigable, the Inuit way of life is at stake, as is the security of Canadian Arctic waters and Arctic sovereignty.

The world, and more specifically Canada, is facing unprecedented challenges and we must harness Inuit knowledge, practices, and skills to collectively find solutions.

QIA is proposing a deeper partnership with Canada to create resiliency and security in our Arctic environment through Inuit-led governance, and sustainable economies for our communities, built upon Inuit leadership, and stewardship.

Our partnership for conservation will prioritize the use of Inuit knowledge, laws, customs, and practices that reflect the Inuit self-governing way of life and align with the ultimate Inuit goal for cultural and economic selfsufficiency. Inuit will always protect the environment, it is embedded in our customs, culture, and laws – our future depends on it.

To read the full Prospectus 2022, please visit our website:

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