Qikiqtani Regional Conservation Approach

QIA is proposing a new and bold conservation vision in partnership with Canada across all of 989,879 km2 of the Qikiqtani Region. Taking a whole-of-government approach, Qikiqtani Inuit, with Canada, are seeking to create a vast mosaic of interconnected marine and terrestrial protected areas that are pivotal to the health and well-being of Inuit, Canadians and the global community.

Founded on Inuit stewardship and led by communities across the Qikiqtani Region the Qikiqtani Project Finance for Permanence project is a vital opportunity to advance large-scale conservation in a highly ecologically vulnerable region and presents significant opportunities for Inuit leadership, self-determination, and reconciliation with Canada.

Investments in the Qikiqtani network of protected areas will safeguard ecosystems, wildlife and Inuit culture, while supporting sustainable employment, economic diversification, building critical infrastructure and reinforcing financial stability that enable healthy communities consistent with the inherent rights of Inuit self-determination as set out in the UNDRIP and the recommendations of the Qikiqtani Truth Commission.

The opportunity has never been greater to advance Qikiqtani Inuit’s vision to improve community well-being, economic prosperity and the health of their lands, waters, and wildlife through an Inuit-led regional conservation economy.

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