Mark your calendars for the 2023 Nunavut Quest

Mark your calendars for the 2023 Nunavut Quest

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The Qikiqtani Inuit Association is excited to participate in this year’s Nunavut Quest race from Igloolik to Arctic Bay. This annual showcase of Inuit skill and tradition is sure to be action packed and riveting from start to finish.

The estimated 7-day journey will kick off . This year, QIA is proud to provide more ways to follow and learn more about the Quest. Starting this week, we’ll be giving Qikiqtani Inuit insight into dog teaming across our region, and learning more about the Qimuksiqtiit running this year. You will be able to view the racers progress through our online portal and learn more about our organizers below.

In 2019, the Federal Government provided a historic apology to Qikiqtani Inuit as a result of the hard work done by participants in the Qikiqtani Truth Commission. As a result, QIA has pledged $100,000 each year in support to the organizers of the Nunavut Quest to strengthen dog-team programming in our region.

So, get ready and cheer on your fellow Inuit as they mush across an incredible landscape!

Meet the Organizers

Rhoda Natanine

Rhoda from Arctic Bay has been involved with the Nunavut Quest in various roles for the last 5 years, but her experience with dog teaming has been with her since she was born. In fact, she was born on a qamutik when the dog team was traveling over a bumpy area! Rhoda loves being involved in the planning of all Nunavut Quest activities. She loves seeing all the new younger mushers getting involved, noting the race used to be dominated by older dog teamers. Rhoda is looking forward to the welcoming community feel that surrounds the racers and sharing and listening to stories brought on from the racers during their evening camps.

Moses Oyukuluk

Moses of Arctic Bay has been involved in the He began during formation consultations while he was Mayor in Arctic Bay and made the initial suggestion to start a dog team race believing it would help keep Inuit culture alive. Moses himself started a dog team when he was a young man and is proud to see many other young Inuit taking up the practice. Moses says when the racers camp for the night, that’s when the stories come out and it’s a great chance for young people to listen and learn from the past.

Tanya Haulli

Tanya Haulli is one of the main organizers where this years’ Nunavut Quest will take off from.

Tanya is 30 years old from Igloolik who’s done a lot for the preparation of the quest.

Although she does not compete in the quest, she got involved when her husband and brother started participating in the race. She joined the Nunavut Quest Committee.

She’s been writing proposals, did budgeting, organized events and meeting with other community’s committee members and also did some fundraising.

This is the second quest she’s helping to organize. She says she’s still learning but also have learned a lot.

Tanya is hoping for a smooth race this year.





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