Meet the Mushers of the Nunavut Quest pt 2

Meet the Mushers of the Nunavut Quest pt 2

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With the start of 2023 Nuanvut Quest April 11th, Qikiqtani Inuit Association spoke with some of the registered mushers. We are featuring them this week. We wish them the best of luck and the safe arrival of everyone.

David Kunuk Oyuluk

David Kunuk Oyuluk is 33 years old from Arctic Bay, Nunavut

He first got involved in the Nunavut Quest in 2007 as a helper and joined his first race as a musher 10 years later in 2017.

His father, Moses Oyukuluk,  used to compete in the quest. Moses was the Mayor in Arctic Bay around the time when the Nunavut Territory was being created and he had suggested that a dog team race be created to Government officials that were visiting and asking people what should be created once Nunavut Territory becomes official.

David has been around the quest since its inception in 1999, his father was a dog team owner and participated once it became a , first being held between Igloolik and Arctic Bay.

When David was younger, there seemed to be so many people that gathered for the race, elders and volunteers and many dog teams with many community members helping and preparing for the

In 2018, David participated in his first race and was one of the last racers to finish. In 2019, bought him dogs all the way from Sanirajak.  He trained and worked with these dogs and placed 2nd  in the next race. He was so proud.

David says the dogs start getting practice around Christmas, when dog team races are held in his community. He works full time but takes the time prepare his dogs by keeping them active and running preparing for the race.

David says sometimes it’s hard to get seal or walrus meat, so dog food has to be ordered as a supplement.

David is looking forward to the race as it’s always fun. He’ll be practising.












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