COVID-19 Posters

COVID-19 Impacted Community Support Initiative – Sanikiluaq

$100,000 for the Sanikiluaq Huntersand Trappers Association

Third Round: QIA’s COVID Response Plan

Qikiqtani School Food Initiative

Get your COVID-19 Vaccine

Early Benefit for Sanikiluaq

QIA’s Response Plan: Phase 3

Second Round: QIA’s COVID-19 Response Plan

Get Your Flu Shot

Manage COVID-19 Stress

COVID-19 Safety Checklist


Qikiqtani Family Support Initiative

QIA’s COVID-19 Response Plan

Computers for Students

Safe Workplace

Prevent the spread: Wash your hands

What is COVID-19?

How does someone get COVID-19?

What happens if I get COVID-19?

Why can’t I play with my friends?

Prevent the spread: Wear a mask

BE KIND: We are stronger together

Prevent the spread of COVID-19

Emergency Harvester Initiative

Grocery Vouchers for Elders

Prevent the spread: Keep Kids Home

Prevent the spread: Stay Home

Social Distancing Saves Lives

Protect Our Elders

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