Celebrating Inuit!

Celebrating Inuit!

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Qikiqtani Inuit Association is doing short stories about Inuit and their amazing talents and accomplishments.

Meet Terry Noah, owner operator Ausuittuq Adventures in Grise Fiord.

Terry started Ausuittuq Adventures as he witnessed the high demand for country food in Nunavut through social media. Particularly from those who cannot harvest for themselves because of medical issues, family reasons or even lack of hunting equipment.  Terry dreamt of providing options for affordable, clean and well packaged country food that could be shipped through cargo to Inuit that wanted fresh food.

While he was an HTO Manager, he saw many requests for guides for tourists, expeditions and research. However, in his community of Grise Fiord, there wasn’t anyone offering this type of service.

With both the demand for affordable country food and the need for experienced guides, he took a bold step and left his job to start his own business.

Terry loves being out on the land and didn’t like being stuck in his office – what better to embrace both!  Ausuittuq Adventures was created in 2019, and he hasn’t looked back since.

In the early days of his business, his biggest challenge was investing his own time, and money into creating a reputable business.  His income was low but his hopes were high.

This was also during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, which meant very few or no clients at all.

Fast forward to today, the country food is selling very well and he has full schedule of clientele for the next few years!  He feels this new venture has given him and his family more freedom and control over their lives and they are doing what they enjoy most. Camping and going on adventures out on the land.

Terry’s goal is to continue growing his business and providing country food at an affordable cost, providing jobs for people in his community who prefer to be out on the land while allowing visitors from all over the world to experience and enjoy the amazing landscape, wildlife and the people of the high arctic.

Terry does not regret his decision to leave his job and start his business.  It’s thriving and he’s doing what he’s passionate about.


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