With the start of 2023 Nuanvut Quest April 11th, Qikiqtani Inuit Association spoke with some of the registered mushers. We are featuring them this week. We wish them the best of luck and the safe arrival of everyone.

Michael Qaunaq

Michael Qaunaq is 32 years old form Arctic Bay. He’s had a dog team for 13 years now which he really enjoys. His Mother is also going to Arctic Bay to be part of the quest. He says it’s always fun to participate. He started racing in 2009 when the quest took the teams from Pond Inlet to Arctic bay when he began running his own dog team.

Terry Uyurak

Terry Uyarak is 36 years old from Igloolik. He’s had a dog team for 6 years now and he enjoys dog sledding. He also enjoys getting together with other dog teams as they also learn from each other. He also loves hearing elders tell stories about dog sledding and that to him is great for his soul.

He has been running his dogs to prepare for the race.