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Daycare Subsidy

Helping Inuit Families Pay for Childcare

The QIA Daycare Subsidy was launched in October 2017 under the new Benefits Fund program. The program helps Qikiqtani Inuit parents who have children in licensed daycares in the Qikiqtani Region pay for their daycare costs.

This subsidy builds on Kakivak Association’s existing program. Since the late 1990s, Kakivak has administered a parental subsidy program with funds from the Government of Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Child Care Initiative program.

The QIA subsidy tops up the existing Kakivak subsidy of $19 per day, per child, providing Inuit parents $29 per day for daycare costs. The QIA daycare subsidy will be available until March 2022.

Through this program QIA has assisted approximately 200 Inuit children attending daycares. Parents in the Qikiqtani region receive up to $2,500 per child, per year to attend licensed daycares. This represents a nearly $500,000 per year investment in daycare access.

“The daycare subsidy has helped us so much. Daycare costs are very high but it’s something our family needs. Daycare gives my daughter more than homecare or babysitting; it helps her learn.”
– Lizzie Aliqatuqtuq

To learn more:

Kakivak Association 

2018-2019 Benefits and Legacy Fund Report

Daycare Resources

Early Childhood Learning Resources: Strengthening Early Childhood Development

In 2018, QIA worked with Inhabit Media to develop early childhood learning resources such as puppets, puzzles, books, and a pre-phonics program that reflect Inuit life and culture.

In partnership with the Government of Nunavut Department of Education these resources were sent to 55 daycares across Nunavut. QIA estimates that over 1,000 Qikiqtani children are benefiting from this educational material. This program is made possible through QIA’s Benefits Fund.

To learn more or to access the resources:

2018-2019 Benefits and Legacy Fund Report

Books available through Inhabit Media

Ipitiki Program

Strengthening Early Childhood Development in the Qikiqtani Region

In 2018, QIA launched a new program, Ipitiki, aimed at delivering culturally and linguistically relevant early childcare resources.

The Ipitiki Program includes:

  • Resources to support Elders’ involvement in daycares
  • Family literacy packages
  • A daycare conference and training
  • Customized training for daycare board members

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