On May 25th, 2022, QIA completed the purchase of the old Co-Op hotel in Resolute Bay using the Government of Canada funding under the Tallurutiup Imanaga (TI) Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement (IIBA) related to infrastructure investment. The building will serve as the new home and multi-use facility for QIAs Nauttiqsuqtiit Inuit Stewards.

Renovations on the building are being planned for this summer and fall, and once completed the new multi-use facility will house QIA offices, a workshop, equipment storage space, a three-vehicle garage, the Parks Canada office, and a visitor’s centre. Additional space is expected to be available for lease upon project completion.

With the purchase of this new building, QIA hopes to continue the important programs derived from the Tallurutiup Imanga IIBA. Providing  jobs in governance, environmental stewardship, research, monitoring, knowledge sharing and mentorship.

These employment opportunities aim to foster traditional Inuit values and skills and promote education and training. This new space will allow Nauttiqsuqtiit to continue their important work of bridging the gap between Elders and youth by providing a place where people can gather and share knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, it is hoped with this new infrastructure investment that QIA assets will be able to last longer, important repairs can be done in a comfortable environment, and that tools, resources and a space are available for the community to use and learn from.

Through the Agreements with the Government of Canada, over $190 million was agreed upon for infrastructure investments for affected Tallurutiup Imanga communities.

Plans are currently underway in other Qikqtani Communities for similar facilities and we look forward to updating you on these important developments.