Community Initiatives Program


The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) was established in 2007 to determine how money from QIA’s subsidiary companies, Nunasi Corporation and Qikiqtaaluk Corporation, could be best used in providing the most assistance to Inuit in Qikiqtani communities. CIP funding is aimed at projects that are community-driven and connects to as many beneficiaries as possible.

CIP is managed by the Nunalingni Aulajjagiaqtiit Katimajingit which is made up of QIA’s Executive Director, Director of Social Policy and two members from the Board of Directors.

In general, preference is given to projects that are:

  • Regional or community based
  • Self-sustaining over a period of time, or will continue to provide benefits to the community after the project is completed and funding has ceased
  • Designed to make a significant contribution in addressing an issue or make a real difference to Inuit within the community or Qikiqtani region

Projects that will provide sustainable long-term social or environmental benefits to Inuit within a community or the Qikiqtani region are preferred.

Generally, the following are not considered for funding, however exceptions do apply:

  • Applications from political organizations or campaigns
  • Applications from religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Operating expenses of established programs or capital deficits
  • Retroactive funding for programs that have already completed
  • Projects that, in the opinion of the committee, are the operational responsibility of the federal or territorial governments

Guidelines on the CIP program can be found on our website.


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