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The Nunasi Trust was established in 1976 by Inuit representatives from each of the Regional Inuit Associations (RIAs) prior to the completion of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement. Its purpose was to hold the ownership interest in Nunasi Corporation; a corporation established to benefit the Inuit of Nunavut through economic development.

The shares of Nunasi Corporation owned by the Trust have now been distributed to the RIAs or their Regional Economic Development Corporations.

Now that the Trust has only cash, the Trustees want to end the Trust and file its last income tax return.  Before doing so, the Trustees are presenting their accounts before the Nunavut Court of Justice.  All Inuit of Nunavut may review the administration of the Trust by its Trustees.

Further details are described in the Notice, Historical Summary, and List of Frequently Asked Questions, which are available from local Community Liaison Officers and posted on the websites for each of the RIAs, as follows:

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