Mary River Project

What is the Mary River Project?

The area where the Mary River Project is located has long been known to Inuit as Nuluujaat (ᓄᓘᔮᑦ), a landmark used to guide travel through North Baffin Island. The Mary River iron ore deposits were first discovered by mining prospectors in 1960’s. Following their original discovery, tests conducted demonstrated that the iron ore was of very high quality.

Today the site is home to the Mary River mine one of the richest iron ore sites in the world. Mary River consists of nine plus high-grade lump and fine iron ore deposits. The mine is operated by Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation.

What is QIA’s role in the Mary River Project?

QIA has several responsibilities in relation to the Mary River Project. As a Designated Inuit Organization, QIA is responsible for managing Inuit Owned Lands. QIA is also responsible for representing Inuit through the impact assessment and regulatory review process. Finally, QIA is responsible for negotiating an Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement (IIBA) in relation to the mining project.

  • Ensuring wise stewardship of land, air and water
  • Protecting Inuit rights to land use and traditional activities
  • Promoting Inuit language and culture
  • Ensuring effective education, training and life skills
  • Promoting individual and family well-being
  • Protecting social rights and values, and advocating for Inuit interests
  • Maintaining good community relations and communications
  • Maximizing Inuit benefits

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