Women and Elders

The Women and Elders Coordinator is an advocate on a wide range of social, cultural and economic issues for Inuit women and Elders. The Coordinator is directly involved in numerous community, regional and national initiatives. Gender equality, empowerment of Inuit women, protection of the rights of Elders and the inclusion of Elders in contemporary Inuit society are central goals implicit in all the actions of Women and Elders Coordinator.

The Women and Elders Coordinator:
  • Researches issues and concerns that affect elders, women and families
  • Acts as a watchdog for discrimination against elders and women and, where such discrimination is found, seeks appropriate remedies
  • Drafts funding proposals
  • Represents QIA at meetings, conferences and workshops
  • Networks with organizations with similar goals and interests
  • Communicates regularly with communities about issues concerning women and elders
The Women and Elders Coordinator works on issues such as family violence including elder abuse, Fetal Alcohol Effects, diabetes and pre-natal nutrition, healthy living, parenting skills. Community outreach happens through radio talk shows, school presentations, and public gatherings.

The Women and Elders Coordinator seeks to deepen partnerships with organizations that share similar interests such as Qimavik (Baffin Women’s Shelter), Qulliit Status of Women, Cody International Institute, Pauktutiit, Government of Nunavut and various community Elders groups.