Department of Social Policy

The Inuusilirinirmut Pamaijiit / Department of Social Policy (DSP) is guided by the Social/Cultural Committee which consists of the following elected members of the Board of Directors: Chairperson (from QIA Executive), Elders, Women and Youth representatives and one community member from outside the QIA organization, but chosen through a vote of the Board.

Day-to-day operations are managed in the Iqaluit office by the Director of Social Policy with the assistance of four staff persons: Regional Youth Coordinator, Youth Programs Coordinator, Women and Elders Coordinator, and the Article 32 Policy Analyst.

The Department of Social Policy represents QIA on many committees, organizations and working groups including:
We welcome information and feedback. If you have a social or cultural concern, comment or an idea for a project that will benefit Inuit of the Baffin Region, please contact us. We are happy to hear from you.