Resolute Bay

Resolute Bay is an advanced small community of 255 people. It is the second most northern community in Nunavut at 74 degrees 42'N, 94 degrees 52' W.

There were families that who were relocated from Northern Quebec and Pond Inlet to Resolute Bay. The first group was relocated in 1953 and the second group was relocated in 1955. In the summer 1975, the community itself was also relocated from its former place to its present place. The present community is on the utilidor system; the water is obtained from Char Lake through the pipeline system.

Resolute Bay can be accessed from the East and

the West via air service from Iqaluit and Cambridge Bay. Resolute Bay is the landing ground for the North Pole expeditions, and the main base for other northern expeditions.

There are three hotels; two in the community and one at the airport. There is one store (Tudjaat Co-op), one church (St. Barnabus Anglican Church), and one grade school (Qarmartalik School).

Resolute Bay is rich in culture, and yet, it is an advanced community. Most of our local people are in the workforce and some are carvers. Resolute Bay has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the region.