Department of Lands & Resources

The following are the primary roles of the Lands & Resources Department:
  • Administer land and resources practices;
  • Liaison with Community Lands and Resources Committees (aka CLARCs);
  • Provide advice on land and resources issues;
  • Develop land and resources policies and procedures; and
  • Maintain records and a filing system of information pertinent to the Lands and Resources Department

The number of land use applications in the Qikiqtani Region has greatly increased in recent times and the Lands Department’s workload has increased accordingly. We have issued a number of exploration permits on Inuit-owned lands in the region to companies prospecting for base metals, gold, and diamonds.

We have also processed numerous land use applications from scientific researchers in the region, mostly in the High Arctic.

The Lands and Resources department is also in charge of the proposed Lancaster Sound National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA).

Current Objectives:

  • Make our applications and consultation process more efficient
  • Establishing a Land Use Pland for Inuit Owned Lands in the Qikiqtani Region
  • Examining the issues regarding oil and gas exploration and development in the region
  • Stregthening our traditional knowledge database