Like many communities, the actual location of Kimmirut was chosen and developed by outside interests who brought change to the residents of Baffin Island's south coast. It was the Hudson Bay Company who initially selected the site of the present community, based on their needs for access to the inland areas and a safe, sheltered practical harbour.

This was not a site of earlier Inuit occupation. Initially, only a few Inuit families came to live here to work for the Hudson's Bay Company, the Church or the RCMP. Others came on a seasonal basis for supplies and social activity, staying for a period and then returning to their camps along the coast. It was the government pressure for schooling, health care and social assistance that forced many families to take up permanent residence in the community during the 1950's and 1960's.

The main attractions for tourists are the Territorial Heritage River called the Katannilik Park. Each year tourists canoe

or hike down the river system which leads to the near the community of Kimmirut, about 2 kilometers away.

In more recent time, cruise ships come in to the harbour for a couple of hours to tour the community. The local guides are hired to take the tourists around the community. Prior to the ships arrival, few events are planned, such as traditional Inuit games to show our traditional ways of life.