Department of Communications

The primary role of the Communications Department is to strengthen QIA’s profile and mandate within and outside Qikiqtani communities. In order to do this, the department works closely with Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) to coordinate the flow of information from the QIA President and Executive to the Inuit beneficiaries. The department works to ensure that the beneficiaries are kept aware of QIA policies, meetings and activities. The main tools that the department uses to share information is through the CLOs, issuing news releases, publishing newsletters and other publications.

The department also works closely with the QIA President and Executive to communicate with government and business sectors that are involved in the Qikiqtani region.

A large part of the department’s efforts are to keep the QIA President, Board and Executive informed on every aspect affecting Qikiqtani Inuit beneficiaries. The department coordinates a translation service to ensure documents are available in Inuktitut, QIA’s operating language. Since many board members speak mainly Inuktitut, this service is crucial for understanding diverse issues and making informed decisions.