Clyde River

Kangiqtugaapik, which means "nice little inlet" to the Inuit is called Clyde River and can be found on the eastern shore of Baffin Island in the shelter of Patricia Bay.

It is located on a flood plain, surrounded by spectacular fiords that stretch all the way into the Barnes Icecap. The mountains, icebergs and glaciers in the Clyde River area attract rock and ice climbers from around the world.

There is also a multitude of animals to be seen, including caribou, narwhals, polar bears and other sea mammals. The Igaliqtuuq National Wildlife Area, a protected bowhead whale sanctuary, is located in Isabella Bay.

The Clyde River Economic Development Society is a non-profit organization of community members that oversee new development projects for their community. The society has been paying special attention to economic pursuits in the areas of tourism, community micro-businesses, arts and crafts, and export development. Potential exports include halibut and shrimp, clams, seal and caribou meat.