Community Liaison Officers

Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) act as principal community contact point for QIA and Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (NTI) in program administration and delivery. The CLO is primarily an administrative position based at the community level to ensure Inuit in the communities benefit from implementation of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (NLCA) and from QIA and NTI programs.

The CLO responsibilities for QIA include:
  • Receive completed Applications to Access Inuit Owned Lands from QIA Lands Department for Community Lands and Resource Committee (CLARC) Review
  • Keep blank Application to Access Inuit Owned Lands forms for the public
  • Act as a resource person for various QIA policies (i.e., CLARC Manual, Rules and Procedures for the Management of Inuit Owned Lands, and QIA policies)
  • Maintain copies of QIA Board resolutions for beneficiaries.

The CLO responsibilities for NTI include:
  • Correspondence
  • Arrange and attend Community Enrolment Committee meetings
  • Respond to enquires
  • Take minutes and submit monthly reports to NTI Enrolment (i.e., enrolment list adjustments, enrolment applications, Community Enrolment Committee minutes, financial spending log, and correspondence)
  • Manage enrolment applications, cards and lists
  • Submit spending reports to the NTI Enrolment Manager
  • Create and maintain spending log

Officers are also involved with many other aspects of their communities. They assist in running QIA Community Director elections, respond to inquiries on surface and subsurface land issues, work with elders in their communities, support CLARC and assist their Community Director. They also assist in administering Compassionate and Bereavement applications.

Finally, CLOs act as communications officers in their home communities. They support the communications activities of QIA and NTI in their communities, frequently using community radio stations and other methods. They also report back to these agencies with news regarding what’s happening in their communities.

To contact one our CLO, please go here.