Bilingual Publications

The protection, development and practice of the Inuit languages are priorities for QIA. We have developed partnerships with local publishing and education companies to meet those objectives.

Through third-party funding and the Nunalingni Aulajjagiaqtiit/Community Initiatives Program, QIA has published or helped to publish several high quality books, magazines and posters for Inuit of all ages, but especially youth; many of these have been written and published by Qikiqtaalungmiut authors.

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Several books have won prestigious books awards and recognition at the national level.

The Silver Birch Award nominees are selected by a committee of educators and librarians from across Ontario. Uumajut, nominated for the Silver Birch award, was read by more than two thousand grade three students across Ontario. Books such as this introduce southern students to Inuit values, traditional practices and Inuktitut for the first time in history.

Qalupalik, by Iqaluit storyteller Elisha Kilabuk, is one of five “Book of the Year” winners as chosen by Quill and Quire: Canada’s Magazine of Book News and Reviews. This marks the first time that a book written by an Inuk author and published by a Nunavut-based publisher has made the list.

Many of our publications appear in Inuktitut syllabics, Inuktitut Roman Orthography, Inuinnaqtun and English.

QIA also funded the creation of the Reclaiming the Whole Woman curriculum, developed by Iqaluit-based Pirurvik Center in 2011. For the first time in history Inuit have a personal development program that promotes mental health that is entirely based on Inuit language, culture and learning of cultural skills. The program is considered an overwhelming success and QIA recognizes the need for a similar program for Inuit men.