Baffin Regional Youth Council


The Baffin Regional Youth Council was formed in 1994 to address the needs and concerns of youth in the region. Since its creation, the BRYC has worked to set in place a network of youth organizations and representatives in the region. The BRYC works closely with the QIA Youth Department and each of the local youth committees across the Baffin region.

Mission Statement

To promote youth and youth council activities in the Baffin region, to improve region-wide communication and to initiate activities and projects to ensure a healthier Baffin region and Nunavut Territory.

The Baffin Regional Youth Council:
  • Meets on a regular basis to discuss youth issues
  • Communicates with youth in the region
  • Works with the Youth Councils across the Baffin region
  • Works with the QIA Youth Coordinator
  • Runs projects and activities that will benefit youth