Mary River Project Update: June 2012

QIA has spent a considerable amount of time and resources to get its feet firmly planted on the Mary River project. Early in 2011, QIA formed Mary River Project Committees (MRPC) in seven Qikiqtani communities. The communities that established committees dealing with the Mary River Project are; Arctic Bay, Cape Dorset, Clyde River, Kimmirut, Hall Beach, Igloolik and Pond Inlet.

Their purpose is to provide feedback to QIA on the proposed Mary River Project. This feedback is used by QIA when developing formal comments to the Nunavut Impact Review Board and during the development of an Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement. The full mandate of the committees is defined in their Terms of Reference. The MRPCs have been key players providing leadership and direction on QIA’s position towards the project.

In creating these MRPC, QIA also hired a full-time coordinator that has since expanded to the formation of a department called Major Projects. Solomon Awa is the MPRC Coordinator, Joel Fortier is the Environmental Assessment Lead and Stephen Williamson Bathory is the Director of the department.

QIA is setting its focus towards the final stage of the environmental impact and regulatory review hearings this summer. QIA is working to bring more attention to the comments being raised by the Mary River Project Committees as well as to discuss unresolved technical topics related to the project proposal.

To broaden the understanding of what QIA has been and will be doing in relation to the Mary River Project, QIA and the MRPCs plan to engage beneficiaries more into the process. To support this effort, QIA’s Communication Department will be working with Major Projects Department on providing information to beneficiaries and using social media as one of the tools to share news, stories and reports.

Recent activity: Chairpersons of the MRPCs held a conference call.

MRPC Upcoming events include:
  • NIRB final hearings:

    • July 16 to 20 in Iqaluit;
    • July 23 to 25 in Igloolik; and
    • July 26 to 28 in Pond Inlet